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Four Tips for Building Security

Posted by on Sep 4, 2017 in Insurance Consultation | 0 comments

There’s a lot of talk of cybersecurity these days, but all that talk tends to leave one area of security out of the conversation: actual building security.

If you own a business, you’ve probably had nightmares about robberies. Thieves in the night, wearing black ski masks and carrying crowbars, break in and steal everything you’ve worked so hard for. Then, you wake up in the morning and think it’s just a nightmare and go about your business.

But building security isn’t something to take lightly. The nightmare may never come true, but it could. So how can you make your business more secure? Follow these four steps.

  1. Limit entrance points – While it can be nice to have an open feeling to a business and allow people to approach from all sides, what you gain from walk-ins you lose in security. Confining doors and windows to a small portion of your building limits the ways criminals can get in. It makes it hard for criminals to hide and makes it easy to concentrate your security on a few major points.
  1. Keep your cameras up to date and at good angles – If you have a business, you probably have some security cameras in place. Make sure they are up to date and make sure the cameras cover every angle. Run some tests to see if there is any way to get into your business where a face can’t be seen. If you have a parking lot, see if there is any space where a camera couldn’t pick up a license plate. Get all your blind spots covered. Because if they exist, thieves will find them.
  1. Keep valuables visible and locked up after hours – If you have a store, keep your valuable selling items in a highly visible area, but make them visible only from within the store. Not only does this help sell them, it allows you to keep an eye on them, and it discourages thieves. It also makes it less likely thieves will target your store if they can’t see the items presented from outside the store. They may assume your store just doesn’t have anything worth stealing. After closing, lock up everything in a good safe. Again, you’ve limited the ability of thieves to see the items, and you’ve made it harder for them to get them even if they know the items exist.
  1. Hire a consultant – While points 1-3 are all very good, the best possible thing you could do for your business is hiring a consultant, like K2 Consulting, that I’ve heard good things about, to give your top quality advice. There are plenty of consultants out there but hire one that has a good reputation. If they have made a name for themselves, they probably know all the tricks of the trade. Once you have some good advice, implement everything they suggest that you can afford.
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