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How to Properly Record a Car Accident

Car accidents usually leave the people involved shocked, stressed, and injured. According to personal injury lawyer, Ali Mokaram, “All driving accidents can lead to injuries” including head or brain injury. Often times in that moment it is difficult to remember all that is needed to document the case should there be any conflicts. Especially if a driver is planning on an insurance claim or lawsuit, it is best to be prepared with as much evidence as possible.

One of the most important documents to obtain is a copy of the police report which is usually filed as an “incident” or “accident” report. After an accident it is essential to have a police officer inspect the scene. An official report for even what seems like an insignificant accident can prove very beneficial to secure a case. In a legal battle, it is also ideal to obtain the following:

Medical Records – According to the car accident lawyers at Karlin, Fleisher & Falkenberg, is it important to keep “All receipts for all the medical and rehabilitative care you have undergone.”
Vehicle Damage Estimates – It is especially helpful for an insurance claim if there is documentation determining the worth of the vehicle. According to the DMV, if total loss occurs, “Insurance will only cover the fair market value or actual cash value of the car.”
Photographs of the Scene – Be sure and not only get pictures of the damage but include landmarks, license plates, and the interior of cars.

Lastly, it is a good idea to keep a journal documenting everything one can remember about the incident. Include anything from the initial stages of the crash, who was driving where, the speed of the cars, and any witness accounts. Car accidents are a difficult thing to recover from and so being as thorough as possible in reporting the accident can prove helpful for a driver’s body and bank account.

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